Welcome RapidBuyr ShoppersSo you are checking out that RapidBuyr thing huh? Good for you, it is a killer promotion. If I needed a website, I would totally take advantage of it. Not just because it is a smoking price for a custom website but because Net Solutions has their act together and actually provides bang for your buck. With this deal you are getting so much more than just a website; you are getting a full blown solution. Net Solutions is run by business people, not developers. Why does that matter? Well it means you get:
  • a custom design - because your company deserves more than a template.
  • a user friendly, logical Content Management System with every website - to make updates easy. Add pictures, embed videos, add photos, create new pages, etc.
  • a mobile optimized version of your website - cause we know people are going to look at your site on their phones and it should be easy for them too!
  • training on how to use the tools - what good are tools if you don't know how to use them? An untrained barber is just a guy with scissors.
  • ability to create contact/feedback forms - let site visitors interact with you.
  • search engine friendliness - our focus is to make your site easy to be found in the major search engines.
Now that you know a little about us, let me show you just what comes with this deal. You get:
  • 6 hours of design work. In 6 hours, we can create some really nice looking sites. Like the ones below. What happens if you need more than 6 hours of design time? After 6 hours, the hourly rate for design time is $75/hr. We will communicate with you how many hours we have used and when you are getting close to using up all your time.

  • The ProFusion Ultra Internet Pro - that is a fancy name for our proprietary website application that allows you to manage and maintain your own website. The Content Management System is super simple to use. Below you will see a screen shot of the editor. Looks pretty easy right?
    Example Editor
  • Up to 10 pages of Content Layout - send us your content, and we'll lay it out in an attractive manner on the site. Anyone can dump content on a page, but there is a real art in laying out a page that is easy to navigate and draws the visitors attention to important items on the page. If you need copywriting services, we can do that too. That'll be extra though... If you need a quote, just let us know.
  • Form Builder - Use these forms to collect data from your visitors. This can be in the form of a contact us form, e-news subscription form, feedback form, job applications, etc. We'll create the first one for you, then you can create as many as you want. Here's a sample training video that is available to all users to help decrease your learning curve and jog the memory on how to use infrequently used functions. It's so easy, even a caveman could do it. Oops, that's not our slogan...

  •  Is it really as easy as we say it is? Well, we think so... and so do our customers. Here are just a few testimonials from real business owners, just like you. These are non-techy people who just needed a solid website solution. 
    • "NetSolutionsNA has exceeded all of my expectations of what a website development and hosting company can do. They answer their phones with a live person. Customer service is excellent. Any issues that come up are handled promptly and usually within the same day. With the new Ski to Sea website that they developed for us, our website visitors has increased over 80% from the same period 12 months earlier, and they are still increasing! "
    • "The NSNA team has done WONDERS for our website. We''ve increased our online capabilities and aesthetically, our website has never looked/sounded better. They provide excellent customer service and a unique approach in balancing sensitivity to the clients vision while adding their own creative flair."
    • "We love our net solutions site! We wanted something simple that we could maintain ourselves, and that's exactly what we recieved. Thanks again, NSNA!"