We are looking for the best and the brightest in the industry. We currently have openings for the following positions:
Job Title:   Computer Systems Analyst
Job Summary: Daily duties include bug fixes on existing proprietary applications.  Writing new code functions that will work with existing code to customize the application to fit specific user requirements, developing, specifying and writing code for additional modules as required for current and future uses.  Candidate must be experienced in modifying existing code and writing routines that fix problems and enhance the existing application features.  Candidate must be able to work on multiple projects throughout the day as needs and priorities change.  Must be able to work in a high stress, high production environment.  Candidate will interface with end-user clients and define requirement, prepare estimates and do training as necessary. A high level of written and verbal communications skills is required.
Job Requirements: Bachelor's degree in computer science and 60 months prior employment experience as a computer systems analyst.  Worker must be intimately familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems, classic ASP, .NET technologies, VB.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2, IIS 7.x r2.  Candidate must be intimate with JavaScript,  Jquery, HTML, AJAX, current and previous browser technologies including Internet Explorer versions 5.5-current, Firefox versions 2.0 to current, Chrome versions 1.0 to current, Safari 2.0 to current.  Candidate must have basic server management skills to be able to set up hosting spaces on both Linux and Windows servers, experience using control panel APIs from cPanel and/or Plesk and must have working knowledge of WebsitePanel control panel software for Windows servers. Deploying applications in the cloud experience is a plus.
Pay:  Competitive Salary and Benefits
Working Conditions:   From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  five days per week (40 hours per week), occasional overtime.
Job  Location:   1855 Main Street, Suite 103, Ferndale, Washington 98248. Telecommuting is not an option for the first year.
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