Website Designers and Developers- Bellingham WA
We set out to change the way people look at Web Developers.
Let's face it, web developers can be strange people. We've seen it time after time.... we meet someone at a networking meeting, we tell them what we do and then we see it, the infamous nose crinkle. People are scared of web developers. Whether your domain name has been held hostage, your brand was mis-represented or if they just didn't speak your language, it seems like almost everyone we come in contact with has had a bad experience with a web developer.
We set out to change the perception of developers. Instead of working out of our basements, we have an actual office. We have hosting services that don't reside on our nephew's college computer, and most importantly, our doors are always open during office hours and our phones are always answered by a live person to ensure the best possible customer service. Our goal is to educate our clients so that they never feel in the dark about what their web developer is doing.
Meet the Team: