Our Philosophy
PEEPS are so much more than just the marshmallowy delicious candies that you eat at Easter. Net Solutions has PEEPS too and when we talk about PEEPS we see many mouths watering.
The history of PEEPS - in one of our many meetings about who we are as a company and what our defining characteristics are we started writing buzz words on the white board. Some were full of platitudes, like "quality" and "value." Those words mean something different to every person.  So we defined our platitudes and came up with the quintessence of our company, the true reason why we are different and came up with PEEPS.
People - call it charisma, attitude, personality, or charm. Our People make the web development process fun, engaging, and satisfying.

Education - we offer quarterly website education workshops to help educate our consumers on good web design, what to put on a site, and how to make a website work for you.

Experience - we come from various different backgrounds and have different life experiences. Having a mixed bag of talents in-house allows us to relate to our clients better.

Products - we've spent 4 years creating what we think is the perfect website application. It's been tested in the real world and is now ready for prime-time.

ingle Source - who do you call if your website goes down? Your host? Your developer? Your ISP? Do you even know who those people are? We make this an easy call for you. You have a web problem? You call us. Problem solved.