Work Hard: Peg has over 30 years experience in office administration, sales, marketing and business development. A specialty of Peg's is to establish the processes and programs for new businesses and she has been the office administrator for several successful start-up companies. Her duties at Net Solutions consist of being in charge of the financial department of the business, project management and marketing in the Seattle area. Peg is a natural bookkeeper because she actually likes both spending and receiving money.
Prior to starting Net Solutions with her partners Peg was the accounting manager for a specialized marketing consulting firm. She has also worked in a variety of different industries including Retail, Industrial, Staffing, Non-Profit and Education. Her experience allows her to be able to understand the complexities of many businesses.
Play Hard: Along with cooking doing the books since Net Solutions inception in 2004 Peg enjoys cooking big family dinners for her family. She's been happily married for over 40 years and has 3 kids and 5 grand-kids. Peg loves gardening, cooking, running, hiking, reading and travelling. Peg is also a dog fanatic. Some of her favorite times when she's not with her kids or grandkids, have been playing with her four legged, fuzzy friends. Peg has 6 grand-dogs and hangs out with her rescue pup, Pita.