Work Hard: Nate has over 15 years of varied experience ranging from Sales, designing industrial feed forward controls, to working on various stages in the Systems Development Life Cycle. He now specializes in Product Development, developing enterprise level business and custom applications. After graduating with a degree in electronics, Nate was initially attracted by the glamorous world of marketing, actually more attracted by all those sales promos and partying. Before joining Net Solutions North America, Nate worked as a software developer in the Bay Area. Having worked in and for the Silicon Valley, Nate knows what it takes to build an application that our clients require. Being a logical person by nature, he believes that understanding the requirements is the key to writing code. Nate brings with him his expansive knowledge in various technologies like Visual Basic, ASP.NET, Java Script, XML, CSS, and ASP. He currently manages Net Solutions North America's brainchild, the ProFusion Ultra Internet Solution overseeing the product development group. He believes simple things work the best and tries to assimilate it into the code he writes. A quick thinker on his feet with exceptional technical and analytical skills combined with a simple everyday common sense make him the perfect geek.
Play Hard: An avid traveler, Nate enjoys exploring not-so-famous nooks and crannies rather than holidaying in fancy spots where he loves to spend some quality time with his wife and get away from the big world. Nate enjoys long drives down the North Cascades and the weekend picnics to the nearby lakes. They serve as the perfect antidote for his otherwise crazy schedule. He likes biking, photography, dogs, cooking, music and tennis, not necessarily in that order.