Featured Non-Profit Website - Blue Skies for Children
Situation: Blue Skies For Children works with hundreds of children every year making little wishes come true. In order to keep their programs updated and the donations rolling in, Blue Skies for Children needed a website that they could update often with current event information and needs.
Solution: Net Solutions worked with Blue Skies for Children to come up with a basic website design that they could easily update in house. The site needed to be easy to navigation for all age groups and user experience levels. Adding in a donation link and the ability for people to pay-online for upcoming events made the website 100% editable and useful for the staff and volunteers at Blue Skies for Children.
Products Used: The Blue Skies for Children website used the Ultra Internet Solution Pro, a shopping cart, elegant image gallery, news manager and survey manager.
Success: "We are so grateful for the new website. The old site was over 10 years old and terribly out of date, and was difficult to update. The new site offers us an opportunity to provide an interactive website to our clients, our service providers and our donors. Clients can download applications and providers can access progress reports and provider agreement information. We can link our donors' and supporters' websites to ours, as well as offer an online donation capability. Tickets and sponsorships to our events and fundraisers can also be purchased online. The update to a high quality website is such an amazing gift. We cannot thank Net Solutions enough for their expertise and excellent tech support. I would highly recommend Net Solutions to anyone thinking of making a change to their website or hosting services. Thank you." Julie Guay | www.blueskiesforchildren.org
Featured Non-Profit Website - Marianne's House
Situation: Marianne's House had an existing website that fit their needs perfectly when they first started out. However, after 3 years of growth and changes, the website no longer fit their image or maximized their opportunity for donations and volunteers online. Marianne's House needed a web presence that reflected their current status in the community and one that would continue to grow with them as they expand and introduce new services to their facility.
Solution: Net Solutions worked with Marianne's House to create an updated design that instantly gives the user a feeling for what services they offer and for whom. Using the ProFusion SiteBuilder, Marianne's House now has everything they need at their fingertips to make a great first impression and collect donations online. This helps with not only their day-to-day scheduling of activities, but also with their large annual fundraising event.
Marianne's House now matches their mission statement for high-quality care with a high quality website. Sponsors and volunteers now have easier access to scheduling and giving monetary donations which will help ensure that Marianne's House continues to be able to service their clients.
Products Used: Basic Design Package, ProFusion SiteBuilder, Donation Button Through PayPal, and an Events Calendar.
Success: "I am so excited about our new website. We love the design and we love all of the things we are going to be able with it. Thanks again! - Melinda De Souza Shenk, Director