Featured Association Website - The Building Industry Association of Whatcom County
Situation: The Building Industry Association of Whatcom County (BIAWC) is a private, non-profit trade organization of builders, remodelers, and other businesses related to the home building and construction industry. They had an existing website that was cumbersome to update and was frequently showing out-dated information. In an effort to serve their members better, the BIAWC contracted Net Solutions to create an online community for their members.
Solution: The BIAWC had a long wish list of items they wanted to see on their new website. First and foremost, they wanted to give their members a site that would help promote member-to-member business. They wanted to do this through an online member directory, ability to promote member news and events online, and by offering a new service called Mini-Sites. Mini-Sites allow each member of the BIAWC the ability to have their own mini-website within the BIAWC's main site. An example mini-site was set up for the Master Remodelers Council section of the BIAWC and can be seen by going to www.biawc.com/MRC. The BIAWC also needed a way to promote joining the association and manage member renewals.
Products Used: Advanced Design Concept, ProFusion Ultra Internet Solution - Association Edition, Shopping Cart, and ProFusion Mailer.
Success: "Thank you so much for all your hard work! Everytime we needed your help you were there for us! We appreciate your patience as we get our new website up and running and email changes - Enjoy!" - BIAWC Staff
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