From Smartphones to netbooks to 30" monitors... show the user what you want them to see
A website that looks good on a computer may not always look great on a smartphone. Your website may be filled with wonderful, glorious content that someone researching your products and services would love to read. Maybe you have flash demonstrations of how to use your products, have PDF downloads of manuals and pages upon pages of information. Anyone on a computer with a mouse and monitor can navigate easily throughout your website. Then came smartphones... and the game changed. You now have to accommodate people looking at your site on a tiny tiny little monitor; about 320 pixels of space to be exact.
Just as we made editing your main pages simple, we have now made it easy for you to create and edit mobile specific pages. On these pages you can strip out unnecessary graphical information, add your phone number and other contact information to the top of the screen. What may seem strange to have on a full blown website is perfectly acceptable on a mobile site.
Want to see what we mean? Take a look at the video example below: