Miscellaneous Site Case Study... Websites created by Net Solutions in the Bellingham/Whatcom Area. See what your neighbors have hired us to create...
These sites just don't fit into any categories. I suppose you could say they are one of a kind...
I doubt there's anyone out there who wouldn't enjoy a trip to a spa, but it can be difficult to find the services you're looking for without going to the spa...unless they have a simple, easy-to-navigate website which has their complete list of services and prices. This is what the Sugar Shack needed, especially when they changed their location. The site needed to be:
  • easy to update (simple and intuitive)
  • easy to use (able to find information fast)
  • customizable design (just look at it, isn't it cute!)
With its adorable design customizations and extremely simple, easy-to-navigate layout, the Sugar Shack site meets all of these needs.
So what does the Sugar Shack think of their site? Well, they have said this:
"We love our net solutions site! We wanted something simple that we could maintain ourselves, and that's exactly what we recieved. Thanks again, NSNA!"
Now, I wonder if their appreciation could translate into free massages...?