Graphic & Website Design
Website Design is a crucial element in your company's website success. Design is not just about the look of your site. There are lots of sites that look great, but function poorly. You site must look professional but also must be functional and intuitive to users, or you will lose business to a competitor who appears more professional. Design also has to take into consideration what your website users will be doing on the website.
Our full-time, in-house graphic artists will work with you to create:
  • a design that works with your existing marketing collateral and brand identity
  • a design that makes it easy for your website visitors to find what they are looking for
  • page layouts that entice the user to take action
  • unique graphical calls to action
  • complete logo and company re-branding if necessary
Our flexible design packages give you the opportunity to make revisions to the initial mock that we deliver. We aren't satisfied until you have a design that you love and are ready to show the world!  Below you will find some examples of our work: